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Cake with cream cheese and fruit sauce

Cake with cream cheese and fruit sauce

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We mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt, then with the sugar until it becomes a meringue. Rub the yolks with the oil and put them over the egg whites together with the powdered sugar with vanilla pods. We mix them lightly, we incorporate the flour, the baking powder and at the end the cocoa that we pass through a sieve. We mix them until all the ingredients are well incorporated. Grease a removable tray with margarine and line it with baking paper. Pour the composition into the tray and put it in the hot oven. At a suitable temperature, let the countertop bake (we do the toothpick test). When it is ready, take it out of the oven and let it cool.


In a saucepan mix the yolks with 4 tablespoons of sugar. Put the starch, a few tablespoons of milk and mix well so they are not lumpy. We boil the rest of the milk and when it boils we add the yolk cream, turn the heat to low and let it boil until it thickens like a pudding, but during this time we stir continuously so that no lumps form.

Cover the cream with cling film and let it cool completely. We mix the cottage cheese with cream cheese with Delaco cream, powdered sugar and the remaining 2 tablespoons of sugar. Incorporate a tablespoon of cold vanilla cream, prepared above, and mix at the right speed. At the end we flavor it with vanilla essence.

Place the cooled countertop on a plate, put a detachable ring around it and pour the cream, which we level with a silicone paddle (the ring is not necessary to use because the cream will not flow. I used it preventively). Put the cake in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

Fruit sauce:

I mixed the raspberries and blackberries with the sugar and put them on low heat. Dissolve the starch with 2-3 teaspoons of water and when the sugar has melted, put it over the fruit. We let it boil for a while, during which time we stir so that it doesn't stick to the pan. When it has thickened a little, let it cool for a few minutes, until it is warm. We place the sauce on top, and with a toothpick we make small waves together with the cream cheese, so that it enters a little.

I stopped 2 tablespoons of sauce to put on top when serving. Let it cool again then it is only good to serve.

Enjoy your meal!

Recipe: Cake with cream cheese and fruit

Ingredients for Cream Cheese
& # 8211 300 gr sweet cottage cheese, 500 gr whipped cream, 2 jellies, 100 gr sugar, 200 gr crushed fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, apricots, etc.), about your favorite fruits

Prepare the cake with cream cheese and fruit
Make a cake top from the above ingredients.

Prepare cream cheese
Whip the cream with the mixer, mix the cheese with the sugar and the mixer. Mix whipped cream with cheese, add crushed fruit and gelatin hydrated in water and slightly heated.

Assembling the cake with cream cheese and fruit
Put the cream cheese over the baked and cooled top. Decorate with fruit on top and place an envelope of transparent gel cake over the fruit. You can also put whipped cream.

Cheesecake and fruit sauce

1. For the basic dough, mix all the ingredients and then roll out the resulting dough into a tart form with a diameter of 26 cm. Level with your fingers to get a straight base and then bake for 25 minutes.

2. For the filling, put gelatin to soak in cold water and mix the cheese with mascarpone and sugar. Heat 50 ml of whipped cream and mix with the gelatin drained from the water in which it stood. Mix well.

3. Beat the cream to get the cream and carefully add it to the cream cheese, along with the gelatin incorporated into the lukewarm liquid. Mix everything and allow to cool.

4. For the sauce, the fruit and a tablespoon or two of water boil and then pass. A few fruits are kept for serving. The gelatin sheets are soaked in cold water. Then, the mashed fruit together with the fruit juice and the drained gelatin will be put on the fire to boil a boil.

5. Spread the cream cheese on the cooled counter, level it and pour the fruit sauce. Decorate with preserved fruit and refrigerate for 12 hours.

Method of preparation

1. Prepare the first countertop by mixing the egg whites with a pinch of salt and then with the sugar, the essence is incorporated and the yolks crushed and rubbed a little with oil and finally incorporate the sifted flour and mixed with flour. Pour the dough into a tray in which I put baking paper and put the tray in the oven, approx. 20 minutes on the right heat, until the top is lightly browned on the edges.

The baking tray is removed from the paper with the blade of a knife and left to cool

2. The second top is prepared in the same way, and at the end, after pouring the dough in the tray, we sprinkled halves of plums and apricots on top of it, with the hole upwards, over which we sprinkled (in the holes) a cinnamon powder and vanilla sugar. .Also bake for about 20-25 minutes. On the right heat. After baking, peel off the paper and let it cool well.

3. Prepare the cream by mixing the cheese well (to be well drained of whey) with yogurt and sugar and at the end incorporate the gelatin which I first hydrated for a few minutes in a little cold water then I melted it in a sea bath and a pour thinly into the cream, mixing until perfectly blended.

Tart with cream cheese and fruit

I really like the tart with cream cheese and fruit, so I prepare it quite often because it is very tasty and easy to prepare.
I also like tart with cheese and for dessert and for breakfast, next to a cereal coffee.
Cut a slice and have breakfast ready.
It is not very sweet, it is not salty, it has a fine and velvety texture.
We can prepare tart with cheese and fruit in several variants that will be very tasty: we can prepare the top for the tart with both wheat flour and rye flour, or we can always add other fruits from blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, goji, cranberries, oranges, kiwi and strawberries, or any other fruit we have at home and we love.
Thus we obtain different tastes of the same preparation.
We can also use this dough for tart and make different fillings, both thin and salty.
It is a tart dough that is very easy to make, only from butter, flour, very little vanilla powdered sugar and a pinch of salt, which we mix quickly with a food processor or directly by hand, if we do not have a food processor.
The dough is lightly spread by hand in the tart pan and bakes very quickly, in only 10-13 minutes or we can even not bake it at all before but add the filling directly and bake everything at once.
I tried both options and they worked out just as well.
The only condition is that the butter is cold when we use it.
I took the butter out of the fridge, prepared my ingredients and woke up with the neighbor at the gate who talked to me for 10 minutes.
So my butter softened and I used it like that, then I put the dough in the fridge a bit and it was the same, the top came out very well.
However, it must be put in the fridge after preparing it, even with cold butter, so that the top is firm when I put it in the oven.
I really like this tart so I prepare it quite often, with any kind of fruit I have at home, because the other ingredients are always found in any refrigerator, anytime. We can add any kind of cream cheese even the one from chesscacke & # 8211 see the recipe click here

for countertop:
& # 8211 130 g flour
& # 8211 35 g old powder
& # 8211 130 g butter
& # 8211 1 salt powder

for the filling:
& # 8211 200 g cream cheese
& # 8211 150 g diet cheese
& # 8211 100 g old cough
& # 8211 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
& # 8211 1 teaspoon lemon or orange peel
& # 8211 2 oua mari
& # 8211 200 ml cream for cooking

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(5 points / total votes: 16)

olga a year ago - 28 March 2016 21:44

Re: Cake with cheese and sour cream

I baked it for 40 minutes and it's still soft in the middle

Ioana a year ago - March 28, 2016 9:54 PM

Re: Cake with cheese and sour cream

soft, soft or toothpick come out a little damp?
do you use a tray smaller than 23 cm?

olga a year ago - March 28, 2016 22:15

Re: Cake with cheese and sour cream

Soft, but I left it for another 15 minutes, it's a bit "baked" a little hard on top, for sure the taste will be good. the tray is 23 cm.

Ioana a year ago - March 28, 2016 22:24

Re: Cake with cheese and sour cream

it doesn't matter how it looks on top, you'll serve it upside down anyway, hopefully it looks good underneath, it hasn't browned too much.

Ioana a year ago - March 28, 2016 22:26

Re: Cake with cheese and sour cream

in total you left her in 1 hour.

Nicole a year ago - 6 April 2016 21:09

Re: Cake with cheese and sour cream

Very tasty cake, thank you Ioana! It really has a very fine texture, like a cloud. It is also very easy to make and it is a wonderful alternative for people who follow a gluten-free diet. I made it with ricotta instead of cow's cheese because the latter was not currently available at the Romanian store where I am from. I served it with a strawberry coulis.

Ioana a year ago - April 11, 2016 10:59

Re: Cake with cheese and sour cream

Nicole, I'm glad, as you described it, it turned out exactly as it should with ricotta.

Mari Ana a year ago - 19 May 2016 09:57

Re: Cake with cheese and sour cream

Very good in combination with cherries and fresh strawberries. And I baked it longer, about 50 minutes, I think it depends on the oven.

Ioana a year ago - 19 May 2016 10:41

Re: Cake with cheese and sour cream

absolutely weird this big time difference. I'm going to watch this tray in which I baked the cake to see if it's not because of it. it has very high walls (for cake tops) and I think it doesn't hold the heat better on top.

MariAna, Olga, have you noticed such big time differences in my cakes?

Ioana a year ago - 19 May 2016 10:57

Re: Cake with cheese and sour cream

I saw the picture MariAna. definitely different somewhere. it can be seen that yours is more reddish and has grown a lot, then it has dropped slightly. mine was not left at all.
the same thing someone told me happened to the fondant cake, it was probably left more than mine. and I used the same high-walled tray. hmmmm

Mari Ana a year ago - May 20, 2016 12:30 p.m.

Re: Cake with cheese and sour cream

I also used the shape of the cake with removable walls ... and I think as tall as yours. The truth is that it grew a lot and on top it didn't brown, I put a little on the grill. But I think this did not affect the taste, even if the texture still seems a little more airy to yours. I don't remember if I've suffered from other cakes like this before, that is, to grow a lot and leave after, compared to what you present. Possibly, and if it still happens, I'll let you know. I say that the material of the tray differs and the way the oven bakes.

Raspberry cake with urda cream

Raspberry cake with urda cream. The best raspberry cake. Raspberry tart with urda cream. Fruit and urda cakes. Homemade cookies. The best cakes.

Raspberry Cake with CreamINGREDIENTS

4 eggs,
150 gr brown sugar,
3 tablespoons hot water,
200 gr flour,
1 lg roscove powder,
1 lg sugar vanilla,
3 lg oil,
1 lgt baking powder.

250 gr urda,
200 gr cream cheese,
250 ml fresh,
250 gr raspberries,
2 lg filled with honey,
100 gr brown sugar,
vanilla brown sugar.
10 g crushed jelly
250 gr raspberries
2 jelly cake envelopes

Raspberry Cake with CreamMETHOD OF PREPARATION:

Separate the egg whites from the yolks.
Whisk the egg whites with the sugar and vanilla sugar.
Add the yolks one by one, alternating with hot water and oil.
Sift flour mixed with carob powder and baking powder on top.
Pour the obtained composition into a tray with a diameter of 26 cm lined with baking paper.
Bake in the preheated oven at 180 degrees C, for 20-25 minutes or until the top is baked.

Gelatin is hydrated in 50 ml of cold water.
Urda, cream cheese, sugar, honey and vanilla brown sugar are put in a robot and mixed well until we get a fine cream.
Add the gelatin dissolved in a water bath and mix well.
The obtained composition is poured over whipped cream, raspberries are added and incorporated with slow movements.

The cake is mounted in the shape that I baked the top.
Pour the cream over the cooled countertop and put it in the fridge for 2-3 hours until it hardens well.

It is decorated with raspberries over which we pour a layer of gelatin -Cake Gelee from Dr. Oetker, prepared according to the instructions on the envelope.

Refrigerate for about 2-3 hours before serving.
Remove the ring from the form and portion as desired with a knife heated in hot water.

Pineapple cake and cream cheese

1. Beat the egg whites with half the sugar until a thick foam is obtained. Beat the yolks with the rest of the sugar and 5-6 tablespoons of water until all the sugar has melted. Gradually add the oil, then the flour sifted with baking powder and beaten egg whites. Pour into a tray lined with baking paper and bake in a hot oven over medium heat for 20-25 minutes.

2. Put the gelatin in the milk and leave it to soak. Drain the pineapple compote. Cut the fruit into cubes and mix the syrup with the lemon juice and use it to prepare the fruit jelly.

3. The baked and cooled top is covered with diced pineapple, over which the prepared jelly is poured. Set aside until it hardens.

4. Pass the fresh cheese and rub with powdered sugar. Mix with the gelatin soaked over a bowl of warm water, then allow to cool and add the whipped cream with the vanilla sugar. Spread on the pineapple layer, then leave to cool for 1-2 hours, cut into pieces and serve.