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Don't Worry New Yorkers, Starbucks' Drinks Are Safe Under the Sugary Drink Ban

Don't Worry New Yorkers, Starbucks' Drinks Are Safe Under the Sugary Drink Ban

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Everyone is freaking out about their coffee in New York City — what the changes will be

In New York City (a city that's majorly overcaffeinated as is), everyone is freaking out about how the sugary drink ban will affect their morning order. Now that we know how Dunkin' Donuts will handle the new changes, we're learning how Starbucks will deal — by not doing anything at all.

Starbucks released a statement saying that it won't comply with the New York City sugary drink ban, Yahoo reports, for two reasons: one, it believes the current legal battles will overturn the ban, and two, Starbucks' drinks aren't subject to the current rules. "We believe that the majority of our products fall outside of the ban given the ability of our customers to customize their beverage," Starbucks said in a statement to Yahoo News. The company also said it will be re-evaluating its lineup of drinks to see whether recipes (like perhaps the newest Hazelnut Macchiato) need to be changed.

But of course, the issues are much more complicated than a simple refusal, as The New York Times points out. You'll still be able to get a 16-ounce cup of coffee (for some major caffeine kicks in the butt) if the baristas add less than five packets of sugar to it. And if you're feeling like you still need more sugar, you're on your own to douse your coffee with sugar. If you buy at Dunkin' Donuts and McDonald's, the story says, you'll have to add your own sugar and "flavor swirls." And independent coffee shops will also have to comply with the same rules. What to do? We guess make your cup of joe at home.