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The puff pastry is stretched. The sheet should not be too thin to get the desired puff pastry. If I follow the recipe, the dough is cut with a hot knife. But I saw that the result was about the same and if I cut normally.

We cut larger squares. We put on each cherry jam. I put a lot and put it on the outside. We bend like a triangle and we catch with a toothpick. We will avoid it to fall apart very hard.

Place them in a pan and put them in the oven for 20 minutes. At first the fire should be faster until they start to spread, then reduce the heat.

When they cooled, I powdered them with sugar.

But the seventeenth century does not bring him much hoped-for fame, but it does bring him a wife, in 1966, Rita Anderson, herself a singer with an even greater success than Marley. And it brings them closer to a stranger religion, although deeply humanistic, Rastafarian or, in short, Rasta, born against the background of an African tumult to find their own leader who could have united a "black continent" for the benefit of those who suffered for centuries oppression and exploitation of whites. The central figure of the religion was Haile Selassie I, King of Ethiopia, considered by the believers to be a kind of Messiah, the incarnation of God on earth. Among the "commandments" of the Rastafarian religion were: spiritual cannabis use (which is why Marley would later be arrested in London for drug possession), the rejection of modern society - called Babylon - including classical medicine, which he actually had. , to hasten the end of Marley, equality between beings, belief in immortality and in a Rastafarian Paradise. Musically, however, Marley is evolving towards what he himself claimed to be his invention, reggae music, which, with slower rhythms, which calmed the frenzy of the ska style, gave the world a new style that made history. As Marley becomes more and more famous, including through his political and social activism, the band of the past is renamed Bob Marley & The Wailers. The biggest hits appear, the albums starting to reach the first positions in the British and American charts, culminating with "Exodus" (1977), which was later declared by the prestigious Time magazine as "the most successful album of the 20th century". or “Uprising” (1980).

Until then, but also involved in trying to bring peace to his own country, torn by bloody battles between rival gangs, Marley and his wife, Rita, are the target of an attack in December 1976, just two days before a big free concert. in Kingston, dedicated to peace, which Marley eventually claimed had even been shot in the chest and arm. The incident causes him, however, to move to London for the next 18 months, especially since Rita, although she had survived, had also been shot in the head. Marley was already a music legend, albums sold millions of copies, tournaments broke any attendance records. And that's when the end came. First in the form of a seemingly trivial leg injury, acquired after a football game, a sport that Marley loved enormously. The wound turned out to be, in fact, the effect of a skin cancer that could have been treated with great chances of cure. But Marley, a convinced Rastafarian, thought it was all God's will. In addition, the same religion prevented him from resorting to the solutions of normal medicine, he choosing to be treated strictly through the remedies of natural medicine. They did not bear fruit, so the terrible disease became widespread, with cancer involving other organs, including the brain. On May 11, 1981, Bob Marley, the "father" and "king" of reggae music, died at the age of 36 in a hospital in Miami, USA. He was buried in his hometown, Nine Mile, where a special mausoleum was built for Marley, right in the yard of the house where he was born and which, in turn, became a museum.

The Akathist of the Holy Archangel Michael

Elected Voivode of the Heavenly Powers and Defender of the Human Nation, we bring to you, the shyta song of thanksgiving, those who are saved through you from tribulation, but you, as one who stands before the throne of the glorious King, free us from all needs, as praising you. let us cry to you, with faith and love: Rejoice, Michael, great Architect, with all the powers of heaven!

We would like to praise you with angelic tongues, Mihaile, according to the first due to the stator of the angelic hosts with a face of fire, but until we learn & shyde, wise of you, the utterance of those we & shytrupesti, hear from grateful mouths - although human - some like these :

Rejoice, shining star of the heavenly moon

Rejoice, golden torch of truth and justice

Rejoice, you who receive the rays of secret mysteries

Rejoice, Voievoade of the angels who & shylor without number

Rejoice, in which the clearest glory of the Builder's right is revealed

Rejoice, through which the springs of incorporeal creatures leap

Rejoice, Michael, great Architect, with all the powers of heaven!

Seeing with the eyes of the great faith & shyrea of ​​your spiritual beauty and stink & shyrea of ​​your righteous lightning bearer, Archangel of God, we are filled with astonishment, joy and gratitude to the Almighty, as some of us who are earthly and clothed in body, crying with all: Alleluia!

Pure and unobtrusive understanding of passions & shylor requires for us, most wonderful Mi & shyhaile, the chosen one of the angelic hosts, that we, exalting ourselves with the thought from the earthly to the heavenly, to sing to you songs of praise like this:

Rejoice, that you see up close our beautiful beauty and good preparation dum & shynezeiasca

Rejoice, most faithful concealer of the most good counsels of the Most Holy Trinity

Rejoice, with whom the heavenly hosts marvel with love

Rejoice, which the earthlings with faith give me

Rejoice, fear of the powers of hell

Rejoice, spiritual lightning brings & shytor of joy

Rejoice, Michael, great Architect, with all the powers of heaven!

Showing in you the invincible power of zeal for divine glory, you stood at the head of the angelic hosts, Miha & shyile, against the one who blows evil, to the arrogant Luceafar in the morning, whom, seeing him thrown with his neighbors from the heights of heaven into the deepest from the bottom of the earth & shyt, the celestial armies, glorified in form guided by you in battle, before the Scau & shyn of the deity cried out with joy and with one mouth: Alleluia!

On you, Archangel Michael, the Christian nea & shymul has a great defender and a great helper in the wars with the poor, wishing for this to be worthy of your most wonderful help, on the day of your feast we call you some like these:

Rejoice, by which Satan was cast like lightning from Heaven

Rejoice, through which the human & shynesc nation, being guarded, rises

Rejoice, pre-illuminated adornment of the pre-illuminated world of Above

Rejoice, glorious protection of the lower world

Rejoice, you who have never been overcome by the powers of evil

Rejoice, you who are eternally strengthened in ade & shyvar and justice, together with all the angels & shyrii of God, by the grace of God & shyiesc

Rejoice, Michael, great Architect, with all the powers of heaven!

Deliver us from the vigor of temptations and needs, that you are among the angels first-standing, us who celebrate with love & shygoste and joy your feast pre-worlds & shynat, that you are in great need of help and in the hour of death defend and protect from evil du & shyhs all those who cry with you to our Master and God: Alleluia!

Seeing your boldness over the devil's flocks, all the angelic hierarchies advanced with joy, following you in the fight for the name and glory of their Master, shouting, & quot; Who is like God? & Quot. And we, knowing Satan defeated under your feet, cried out to you, as a victor:

Rejoice, through which peace and tranquility in heaven have dwelt

Rejoice, by which the spirits of wickedness have been cast into hell

Rejoice, you who guide the heavenly hosts and the powers of the unseen world for the destruction of evil

Rejoice, who invisibly tames the rage and turmoil of the elements of lu & shymii

Rejoice, wonders together-fighter with those who fight evil spirits & shytatii

Rejoice, strong helper of those who languish in the temptations and troubles of this world.

Rejoice, Michael, great Architect, with all the powers of heaven!

Source of God bestowed with exalted miracles, you showed yourself in your church in Hone because not only the big and scary dragon that spent in that place was destroyed with your power, but also waters sprang, healing all bodily impotence, because all to cry out in faith to the Lord of angels, to the One who glorified you: Alleluia!

Hearing you and knowing you, most wonderful Mihaile, like a great moon, shining in the midst of the angelic hosts, we run to you, after God and the Mother of God, praying with all our hope to help us all with your power. those who call you some like these:

Rejoice, you who have guided and protected in the wilderness the people chosen by God

Rejoice, high mediator of the Law given in Sinai by the hand of Moses

Rejoice, in whom the judges and capes & shytenies of Israel have found power and cover & shyramant

Rejoice, by which the prophets and archbishops of the Jews received the gift of knowledge from the Almighty God

Rejoice, you who have framed with your & shynica wisdom the legislators the theme & shytori of God

Rejoice, you who put judgment and justice in the hearts of those who do good

Rejoice, Michael, great Architect, with all the powers of heaven!

When Manoah saw you, the forerunner of the divine judgments, he was filled with wonder and dread, thinking that for this he would no longer live, but in being shyvatat by his wife about the good purpose of the appearance and gentleness of your words, rejoicing. for his son Samson, who was to be born according to your word, thanked and cried out to God: Alleluia!

Thou hast risen in glory, Michael, in a most wonderful way, when thou hast stood in the form of a man & shynesc before Jesus of Navi, gra & shyind: Marveling at such an appearance of yours, we cry out to you with love:

Rejoice, sleepless guardian of God's crowned heads

Rejoice, you who humble those who oppose righteous rulership, and those who oppose the commandment of God.

Rejoice, you who humble the rebellions of the multitudes

Rejoice, you shamelessly shame the unfaithful habits

Rejoice, you who enlighten those who doubt in the hour of heavy turmoil

Rejoice, you deliver those who are tempted from harmful temptations

Rejoice, Michael, great Architect, with all the powers of heaven!

The Lord of all wants to show that the passage of human life is not temporary, but is always kept in His house, He has given you a defender and protector to the kings of the earth, to prepare the nations for the eternal kingdom of God for this, all who know your high service. to the salvation of men, thankfully cries to God & shynezeu: Alleluia!

The maker of all miracles and the Sta & shypan of all through you The new miracle showed us on earth, Archpriest, when you miraculously saved the church erected in honor of your name in Colossae by commanding the rivers to flow into the bosoms of the earth. And seeing this & shyta, the blessed Arhip, with his spiritual & shycesti sons, thanking, cried to you:

Rejoice, unbroken restraint of the holy churches of God

Rejoice, steadfast wall against the enemies of the Christian faith

Rejoice, at whose command the elements go

Rejoice, by which they are destroyed by evil & shygets

Rejoice, you who bring joy to the faithful from the Throne of the Almighty

Rejoice, you who bring unbelievers & shyciosi on the path of justice and truth

Rejoice, Michael, great Architect, with all the powers of heaven!

The foreign miracle of your power, the Archstrategist of God, came upon Shacum upon him when, according to God's call, you kidnapped him and quickly took him from Judea to Babylon, to feed Daniel, who he was imprisoned in the lions' den, for which, marveling at the glorious work of your power, he cried out in faith: Alleluia!

Totally you are in the upper ones, Mihaile, standing before the Seat of the King of Glory, and you do not move away from the lower ones, always fighting with the enemies of the salvation of the people as all those who want to reach the desired kingdom of heaven :

Rejoice, beginner of the three-angel song

Rejoice, you who are always ready to stand forward, defending the Ome & Shynesti nations

Rejoice, you have lost in a strange way the too arrogant pharaoh and the unbelieving & shydincious Egyptians

Rejoice that you have guided the faithful Jews in the wilderness in too much glory.

Rejoice that you have covered them with the divine cloud

Rejoice, by which the vapa & shyia of the furnace of Babylon has been extinguished

Rejoice, Michael, great Architect, with all the powers of heaven!

All the monks of the Holy Mount Athos came trembling with joy, seeing how you saved the young God-fearing man, whom the unbelieving lovers of wealth, seized with madness, had thrown bound to a stone in the depths of the sea for this, the monastery that received that one, adorning himself with your name, with gratitude cried out to the Lord: Alleluia!

The rhetorical speeches and the thoughts of the wise men cannot tell your power, Mi & shyhaile, how you killed in one night & shyte one hundred and eighty-five of the soldiers of the Assyrian emperor Sennacherim, to learn not to blaspheme the name of the Lord and us, honoring your holy ravage for the glory of the True God, we joyfully cry out to you some like these:

Rejoice, invincible Voivode of the rightful bones

Rejoice, fear and humiliation of the wicked armies

Rejoice, you plant the right faith & shyta of the honor of God

Rejoice, that you uproot heresies and schisms that lose your soul

Rejoice, you have often strengthened the faithful of Maccabees on the battlefield.

Rejoice, you have lost in time & shyplu Iliodor, the unbelieving head & shynie of Antiochus

Rejoice, Michael, great Architect, with all the powers of heaven!

Be a strong help to those who want to be saved, Archistratus of God, delivering us and guarding us from troubles and needs, even from evil people and our sins, as we, advancing in faith, hope and love for Christ , with joy for your most wonderful protection thanking, let us cry out to the Lord of angels and men: Alleluia!

You are a wall to the faithful people, Archhi & shystrategule of God, and a strong pillar in the fights with the enemies seen and unseen for this, being saved through you from the traps of the devils, with a heart and a satisfying mouth we shout some like these:

Rejoice, invincible fighter against the enemies of the faith and those who oppose the Holy Church

Rejoice, tireless fellow-fighter with the humble forerunners of the gospel

Rejoice, you who enlighten those who enter into the shytuneric of unbelief with the shymina of faith in Christ

Rejoice, you who guide the path of truth and repentance to those who are fooled by the false wisdom

Rejoice, fearful rebuker of those who take God's name in the desert

Rejoice, lightning bearer, punisher of those who madly batjo & shycoresc the mysteries of the holy faith

Rejoice, Michael, great Architect, with all the heavenly Powers!

All the song of praise is overcome by the multitude of your miracles, the Archstrategist of God, as they are performed by you not only in Heaven and on the shymant, but also in the darkness of the lowest, where you bound the serpent in the depths with the bonds of the Lord's power. , that all who are delivered from his wickedness may speak to the Lord of the heavens and the earth, shouting: Alleluia!

Wonderful servant of the truth and purity of the honor of God, you showed yourself, Archistrate, when, first seeing the crafts of the spirit of darkness & shyc, you stopped him in the name of God & shyzeu, lest he dare to reveal the hidden body of the deceased Israel. , Moses, so that he may not be honored as God by the children of Israel who are enslaved to the senses for this, now honoring your beautifully lit feast, thanking stri & shygam to you:

Rejoice, you who guarded among the Jews with the shyratia of the knowledge of God, in the days of the Old Covenant

Rejoice, that you have uprooted many & shyte times the weeds of wandering in the days of the Grace brought by Christ

Rejoice, you who have lost the oracles and idols of the nations

Rejoice that you strengthen needy and tormented Christians

Rejoice, you who fill the helpless with the power of divine haru & shylui with the spirit

Rejoice, you who clothe the weakened with the body with the weapons of growth

Rejoice, Michael, great Architect, with all the powers of heaven!

Grace from heaven asks of God, Michael, for us, who sing in & shytru the praise of your most holy name, as shadowed by your protection, to live in all godliness and purity, until, dis & shylegati being by death from the bonds of the body, to us we deserve to stand before the fiery seat of the emperor & shyl of Glory and to shout with the angelic & shyresti crowds: Alleluia!

Singing your various miracles, Mi & shyhaile, worked for our salvation, we pray to the Lord and Master tutu & shyror that the spirit of zeal for the Glory of God, which is in you, may never diminish in us, those who cry to you some like these:

Rejoice, you who at the right time & shyta place in a wonderful way in places of honor the faithful slaves of Dum & shynezeu

Rejoice, you who throw the shameless and unworthy in the form of power and glory.

Rejoice, you who will gather the elect from the four corners of the earth

Rejoice, whereby, by the command of God, sinners will be delivered to eternal fire

Rejoice, through which Satan and his angels will be forever sheltered in hell

Rejoice, through whom the righteous dwell and shine gloriously in the dwellings of Heavenly Father

Rejoice, Michael, great Architect, with all the powers of heaven!

O most wonderful first-standing of the archangels and angels, receive, for your most wonderful service to the salvation of mankind, the voice of praise and thanksgiving which I exalt & shytam to you, and, as one who is full of the power of God, covers with your immaterial wings by all the enemies seen and unseen, to strive & shygam forever the Lord, the One who glorified you and Glorified through you: Ali & shyluia!

This Kontakion is repeated 3 times, then Icosus First and Kontakion First are said again.

Prayer to the Holy Archangel Michael

Holy and great Archangel of God, Michael, who in the first angels stand before the unspeakable Trinity, the support and guardian of the human race, who crushed in Heaven with your enemies the head of the arrogant dia & shyvol and always shame his wickedness on earth, to you we run with cre & shydinta and we pray to you with love: be the incorruptible shield and hard helmet of the Holy Bi & shyserici and of our righteous nation, guarding us with your lightning sword from all the enemies seen and seen by us.

Do not leave us, O Archangel of God, without your help and protection, those who today praise your holy name. Behold, though we be very wicked, we do not want to perish in our iniquities, but to turn to the Lord to guide us to good things. Enlighten our minds with the light of the face of God, which shines ever & shy always on your forehead like a flash of lightning, that we may understand the will of God, good and perfect, as far as we are concerned, and know all that is proper to us. we make them and ignore them and leave them. Strengthen us with the grace of the Lord & shylui the weak will and the unwilling desire of vla & shyga, that strengthening us in the law of the Lord, to stop endangering ourselves with the earthly & shygetele and the lusts of the flesh, bending us, after the resemblance of mindless children & shylor, to the black beauties perishing of this world and recklessly forgetting the eternal and heavenly for the sake of the corrupt and earthly.

Above all, he asks from Above for us the spirit of true po & shycainte, the unfathomable sorrow after God and the crushing for our sins, that the remaining days of this passing life may be spent not for the pleasure of the senses and the nourishment of our passions, but I enter righteousness with tears of faith and the breaking of the heart, with the necessities of purity, and with the pleasing deeds of mercy.

And when the hour of our end approaches, of deliverance from the bonds of this perishable body, do not leave us, the Archangels of God, without water & shyrare against the spirits of wickedness who are in the air and are accustomed to prevent the ascent of the human soul to the Above, that being guarded through you, without hindrance we may reach the too-glorified abodes of Heaven, where there is no pain, no sorrow, no sigh, but life without end.

And making us worthy to see the pre-illuminated face of Our Most High Lord and Master, and falling with His feet at His feet, filled with joy and humility and to cry out: Glory to Thee, our Beloved Savior, Who pen & shytru multiply the love you have for us, unworthy ones, you are kind enough to send & shyte Your angels to serve our man & shytuire! Amen!

Hailey haile

Generalities Hailey-Hailey disease is also known as chronic benign familial pemphigus. It is a rare, inherited skin disease, characterized by the appearance of areas covered with reddish crusts or small blister-vesicles, after rubbing. Those who suffer from this disease consider it a nuisance rather than a serious problem. Causes A small error in the DNA code of a gene on chromosome number 3 (one of the 46 human chromosomes) has been shown to cause this condition. Normally, the gene plays an important role in the proper binding of cells in the outer layer of the skin (epidermis). In the case of Hailey-Hailey disease, this adhesion of the cells is affected, the cells in the epidermis being separated especially in the areas of skin prone to friction, such as the groin and under the arms. The abnormal gene is genetically transmitted to both women and men. Chronic benign familial pemphigus is not a contagious disease either. [continuation]

Hailey-hailey's disease

Hereditary skin condition, characterized by blisters and blisters. Treatment consisting of topical antiseptic and corticosteroid applications is disappointing, but the prognosis is generally benign. Synonym: pemphigus benign familial. [continuation]

Hailey-hailey (his illness)

hereditary skin condition, characterized by blisters and blisters. Treatment consisting of topical antiseptic and corticosteroid applications is disappointing, but the prognosis is overall benign. Synonym: pemphigus benign familial. [continuation]

Pemphigus benign familial

hereditary skin condition, characterized by blisters and blisters. Treatment consisting of topical antiseptic and corticosteroid applications is disappointed, but the prognosis is overall benign. Synonym: Hailey-Hailey's disease. [continuation]


General Pemfigus is a rare autoimmune condition that involves blisters on the skin. The immune system produces antibodies with a protective role that are found in the circulatory system, which in turn must protect the body from the attack of various viruses or hostile bacteria. In the case of pemphigus, the antibodies erroneously consider that the normal tissues are foreign and attack them. This results in the appearance of painful wounds on the skin and mucous membranes (mouth and other moist mucous membranes) that will not heal. In some cases, these lesions can cover a significant area of ​​the skin. Types of pemphigus and treatment methods There are several types of pemphigus, each type having specific manifestations and different evolutions. There are other autoimmune diseases in which skin blisters are found such as bullous lupus and Hailey-Hailey, a condition that can be confused with pemphigus. Because this is a complex disease, for. [continuation]

Signs and messages from the animals of the afterlife

Do the animals of the afterlife, such as pets, send signs and messages from heaven to humans? Sometimes they do, but the communication of animals after death is different from the way human souls communicate after death. If an animal you loved has died and you want a sign from him or her, here's how you can perceive it if God makes contact with your animal possible.

A gift, but not a guarantee

No matter how much you want to hear from a loved animal that has died, you can't do that unless it's God's will. Trying to force communication after life - or operating outside the relationship of trust with God - is dangerous and can open communication portals to fallen angels with evil motives that could take advantage of your pain to deceive you.

The best way to start is by praying to God to send a message from you to the departed animal, indicating your desire to experience some kind of sign or to receive some kind of message from that animal. . Express your love wholeheartedly when you pray, since love vibrates a strong electromagnetic energy that can send signals from your soul to the animal's soul over the dimensions between Earth and sky.

After you have prayed, open your mind and heart to receive any communication that may come. But make sure you place your trust in God to arrange that communication at the right times and in the right ways. Be at peace that God, who loves you, will do this if it is His will.

Margrit Coates, in her book Communicating with animals: How to find intuitively writing :

Be encouraged that there is a good chance that you will hear something from your beloved animal gone. In her book All Pets Go to Heaven: The Spiritual Lives of the Animals We Love, Sylvia Browne writes:

Ways to be receptive to communication

The best way to align yourself with any signs and messages that get in your way is to develop a close relationship with God and His messengers, angels, through regular prayer and meditation. As you practice spiritual communication, your ability to perceive heavenly messages will increase. Elbows in Communication with Animals write:

It is also important to remember that strong negative emotions - such as those produced by unresolved grief - create negative energy that interferes with signs or messages from heaven. So, if you are dealing with anger, worries, or other negative emotions, ask God to help you get through the pain before you try to hear from that animal. Your guardian angel can also help you by giving you fresh ideas to process your pain and come to peace with the death of the pet (or other animal) you miss.

Coates even suggests sending a message to the animal in the sky, letting them know that you are fighting, but sincerely try to heal from your pain:

Types of signs and messages that animals send

After praying, pay attention to God's help when you hear from an animal in heaven.

Signs or messages that animals can send to people in the afterlife:

  • Telepathic messages of simple thoughts or feelings.
  • Perfumes that remind you of the animal.
  • Physical touch (such as the sensation of an animal jumping on a bed or sofa).
  • Sounds (such as hearing an animal barking, carpenters, etc.).
  • Dream messages (in which an animal usually appears visually).
  • Objects related to a moving terrestrial animal (such as the collar of a pet that appears inexplicably somewhere you will notice).
  • Written messages (such as reading an animal's name immediately after you think of that animal).
  • Appearances in visions (these are rare because they require a lot of spiritual energy, but they happen sometimes).

Browne writes in All pets go to heaven:

Since communication after life takes place through energetic vibrations and animals vibrate at lower frequencies than humans, it is not as easy for animal souls to send signs and messages through dimensions as it is for human souls. Therefore, communication from animals in the sky tends to be simpler than communication from humans in the sky.

Usually, animals only have enough spiritual energy to send short messages of emotion through the dimensions of heaven on earth, writes Barry Eaton in his book No Goodbyes: Life-Changing Insights from the Other Side . Any guidance messages (which tend to be very detailed and therefore require more energy to communicate) that animals send usually come through angels or human souls in heaven (spiritual guides) who help the animals to convey these messages. . The greater offerings in spirit are able to bring their energy through the form of an animal, he writes.

If you experience this phenomenon, you may see what is called a totem - a spirit that looks like a dog, cat, bird, horse, or other beloved animal, but is actually an angel or guide spirit that manifests energy in the form of an animal. to deliver. a message for you on behalf of an animal.

You are more likely to experience spiritual encouragement from an animal in heaven at times when you will most likely experience help from an angel - when you are in some kind of danger. Browne writes in " All Pets Go to Heaven ” that the animals that left had relationships with sometimes coming around to protect us in dangerous situations.

Bonds of Love

Întrucât esența lui Dumnezeu este iubirea, iubirea este cea mai puternică forță spirituală care există. Dacă ați iubit un animal pe când era viu pe Pământ și acel animal te-a iubit, toți veți fi reuniți în cer, deoarece energia vibrațională a iubirii pe care o împărtășiți vă va lega pentru totdeauna. Legătura iubirii crește, de asemenea, posibilitatea de a putea percepe semne sau mesaje de la fostele animale de companie sau alte animale care vă erau speciale.

Animalele de companie și persoanele care au legături comune de iubire pe Pământ vor fi întotdeauna conectate de energia iubirii respective. Coates scrie în Comunicarea cu animalele:

Unul dintre cele mai frecvente moduri de a îndepărta animale comunică cu oamenii este prin transmiterea semnăturii lor de energie spirituală pentru a fi cu cineva pe care l-au iubit pe Pământ. Scopul este de a mângâia persoana care i-a iubit, care se întristează. Când se va întâmpla acest lucru, oamenii vor deveni conștienți de energia animalului pentru că vor simți o prezență care le amintește de acel animal. Eaton in No Goodbyes scrie:

Indiferent dacă primești sau nu un semn sau un mesaj de la un animal pe care îl iubești în ceruri, poți fi sigur că oricine este conectat la tine prin iubire va rămâne mereu conectat la tine. Dragostea nu moare niciodată.

Pateuri cu branza si alte preparate cu foietaj

Fac si eu uneori pateuri cu foietaj cumparat. Le postez pe cele de aseara.
Ciuperci fierte, ceapa, piper – pentru primul fel de pateuri
Brinza, masline, oregano pentru al doilea fel de pateuri
Piept de pui afumat pentru al treilea fel – pina la urma nu am mai pus, ca mi s-a terminat aluatul
Oua – unul pentru amestecat cu brinza, unul pentru uns pateurile

Ceapa calita, ciupercile maruntite, adaugate peste ceapa la calit, apoi 2 lingurite rase de faina si putina zeama de ciuperci ca sa lege compozitia - fiert cca 5 minute + sare si piper

Stinga: cu brinza sfarimata cu furculita, amestecata cu ou, oregano si deasupra masline
Dreapta: cu ciupercile de mai sus

Si din alte ture: cu brinza si ardei, cu brinza si marar, cu cascaval si sunca

Mai multe poze cu sectiuni nu pun, pentru ca de obicei fac seara pateuri, la repezeala si atunci nu am lumina buna de pozat. Iar cu blitzul ies . de vise rele.
O sa fac, poate chiar miine, cu spanac si brinza (pentru ca am nostalgii elene, ca sa zic asa) si vreau neaparat sa incerc metoda de rulare postata de Teodora, dar nu stiu cu ce ne-dulce ar merge umplute. (eu nu maninc dulce si nici familia nu prea se da in vint) Are cineva vreo idee?

Thumbnails attached

#283 Nicoletta

Am folosit de cateva ori acest aluat.
Cand l/am lasat sa se dezghete complet, aluatul ajungand la temperatura camerei s-a umflat mai mult!
Ultima data era inca rece, nu inghetat si a crescut mai putin. Cuptorul incins la max.
NICIODATA nu a crescut asa cum am vazut pe aici, la unele dintre voi sau cum vad eu in patiserii.

Din cartile de specialitate am cules cateva sfaturi. Sa nu/l intindem cu sucitorul ca se preseaza foile, sa nu presam marginile ca nu le dam voie sa se ridice in sus. Cand dam cu ou sa nu se prelinga pe margini ca sa le obstructioneze cresterea. Eu am respectat aceste reguli dar nu sunt foarte multumita de rezultat.
Voi in schimb faceti abstractie de aceste sfaturi si va ies o minune de pateuri. Ce sa fac pe viitor? Ma puteti ajuta?

#284 ruixi

#285 BD

Da, pana acum cele mai bune rezultate le-am avut cu bella iar ieri m-am umplut de spume din cauza unei firme pe care am incercat-o si a ajuns direct la gunoi cu urarile de rigoare adresate fabricantilor si familiilor lor, urari pe care nu le pot reproduce aici fiindca vi s-ar inrosi ecranele.

Imi scapa cum ii zice, ceva din 4 litere, pachet frumos de tot, vito sau asa ceva, pachete de un kil sunt metalizate cu niste poze nemaipomenite pe ele cu aluatul crescut si frumos care mie dupa ce mi s-a lipit de toate cele de era sa plec cu masa dupa mine, mi-a facut sa imi creasca tensiunea.

#286 ruixi

merci ca ne-ai zis
daca vad pe vreundeva foietaj cu patru litere si ambalaj metalizat, dau si fug!

#287 BD

#288 Happy.

#289 BD

#290 Munteanu_20159

#291 BD

#292 Gabriela Carmen

. bine ca ati mai adus subiectul asta 'aproape', aproape ca uitasem de el. pfiiii, ce minunatii pe aici, m-am inspirat de multe ori. si ar trebui 'sa mai aprofundez' )

Paradis, multumesc pentru modelul cu florile, le-am facut in februarie (nu eram inscrisa atunci, sa vad daca mai gasesc poza..). Era ziua fetei (cind am fost doar noi3, nu la aniversare). se vad acolo, pe masa, daca va uitati cu lupa. )
. tot atunci mi-ati amintit sa fac cremvusti in foietaj, ca uitasem de ei.

BD, telemea si ceapa? Dincolo costita. etc? Ma omori cu zile cu mincarurile astea specific romanesti, de care eu nu m-am dezvatat (is de prea putin timp aici) si pe care nu le gasesc f. usor aici.

. toate foietajele voastre arata MINUNAT! am vazut ceva deosebit marca Padureanca, o placinta cu grilaj si fundita

. eu fac pate-uri cu brinza Gouda, cel mai des. pun o bucatica de brinza in colt, dau cu furculita pe margine. seamana putin cu cele facute de Petunie, nu?

. am gasit o poza mai veche, in care pate-urile cu brinza sint in prim-plan:

Iau foietaj de la Penny (sul mai gros), n-am gasit foi din alea subtiri-subtiri ca in Romania, poate vreodata fac dupa reteta Adrianei-Nicoleta, am vazut ca i-au iesit foarte frumos. da' trebuie sa ai rabdare, nu gluma!!!!
Asa ca as fi preferat sa le cumpar. stiu fetele din Germania unde as putea gasi? oare la turci?
M-am uitat la Sky, Rewe, Aldi si Lidl si nu am vazut.

In Romania (la Bucuresti adica, ca acolo am locuit ultimii ani) foloseam Bella, ce am mai incercat erau niste aiureli. Bella e excelent, era in doua variante, mai gros si mai subtire, de placinta.

. sa vad daca gasesc si poze, daca nu, sa ma credeti pe cuvint ca am facut de muuulte ori foietaj (cu brinza sau dulce, cu gem si pudrat cu zahar. uneori si cu nuca macinata in patratelul cu pricina! A! si cornulete cu nuca am facut, f bune). Toate is gata in 10 min la 220de grade sau in 15-20 la 170 de grade.

. uite si o poza cu citeva cornulete cu nuca si o placinta cu mere (in tava), linga. o prajitura neornata inca (i-am pus cocos deasupra, dar acolo apare fara):

. placinta de mere, mai de aproape (e facuta cu o foaie jos, umplutura si o foaie deasupra):

. si inca o placinta tot cu foile astea de care ziceam, de la Penny, de data asta- cu brinza (e pe farfuria din dreapta, intre dulciurile 'exilate' in biblioteca ):


    European Journal of Tourism is a regular publication of European Council on Tourism and Trade destined to disseminate information`s about World Best Tourist destinations, European tourism statistic, evolution`s, laws, regulations and main event`s. Europe GENTLEMEN’S CORNER is recognized as the EUROPEAN OFFICIAL DIPLOMATIC PARTNER. For all who admire the classical elegance, who value the well tailored fashion and are looking for a tried and tested creator for diplomats!

Catedrala Trinity

"Catedrala Trinity" sau "Biserica Sfintei Treimi" din Addis Ababa a fost ridicata cu ocazia eliberarii Etiopiei de sub guvernarea italiana, sub care aceasta statuse cinci ani. Totodata, catedrala este si cel de-al doilea locas de cult din intreaga Etiopie, ca importanta, dupa Biserica Sfanta Maria din Axum. Limitandu-ne doar la orasul Addis Ababa, aceasta este cea mai inalta dintre cele patru catedrale aflate in oras.

"Biserica Sfintei Treimi" a fost intemeiata de imparatul Menelik al II-lea, la scurt timp dupa mutarea capitalei imperiale din Mt. Entoto in Addis Ababa. Biserica originala, construita din lemn si avand sculpturi foarte complexe, a fost ridicata cu ajutorul unor artisti si mesteri din India. Ridicata in apropierea Palatului Imperial, aceasta era frecventata des de membrii familiei regale.

In anul 1928, imparateasa Zewditu a asezat piatra de temelie pentru o noua catedrala. Lucrarile la aceasta au evoluat greoi, iar in perioada anilor 1936-1941, in timpul invaziei si ocupatiei italiene, aceastea au fost total sistate.

Noua catedrala nu avea sa fie declarata terminata pana in anul 1942, la scurt timp dupa intoarcerea din exil a imparatului Haile Selassie - intoarcere posibila in urma inlaturarii pericolului italian.

Catedrala Trinity, cat si locul din jurul acesteia, a fost ales drept loc pentru inmormantarea celor care au luptat impotriva italienilor, pentru eliberarea nationala, atat in tara cat si in exil. Nici o alta persoana nu poate fi inmormantata in acest loc, exceptie facand doar inaltii prelati clerici, cu toate ca aici se afla si un cimitir public.

Imparatul Haile Selassie a construit un mausoleu pentru familia sa in cripta aflata sub podeaua catedralei. Acest mausoleu a continuat sa fie folosit pe post de mormant regal si de celelalte familii succesoare la tron.

Catedrala Trinity este locul in care a fost sustinuta cea mai mare parte a intalnirilor bisericesti si statale din zona. Aici au avut loc inscaunarile patriarhilor Bisericii Etiopiene, cat si toate celelalte hirotoniri intru arhiepiscop si episcop.

Biserica Sfintei Treimi este asezata in imediata apropiere a cladirii Parlamentului, in apropiere de piata Arat Kilo, care tine tot de sectorul guvernamental al orasului Addis Ababa. Catedrala a fost ridicata intr-un stil european.

Pe lateralele curtii acesteia se pot observa statuile celor patru evanghelisti - Matei, Marcu, Luca si Ioan. Interiorul catedralei prezinta frumoase picturi murale, alaturi de impresionante vitralii, toate fiind puternic personalizate de stilul national etiopian.

In nava atarna si multe dintre steagurile fortelor militare ce sustin armata imperiala. Imparatul Haile Selassie si sotia acestuia, imparateasa Menen, sunt inmormantati in capela special ridicata in acest scop din transeptul de nord.

Altarul central este inchinat Sfintei Treimi, Sustinatoarea Lumii. Altarul din absida dreapta este inchinat Sfantului Ioan Botezatorul, iar cel din absida stanga este inchinat Doamnei noastre Kidane Meheret - tamaduitoarea.

In capatul nordic si sudic al catedralei se afla doua morminte pastrand ramasitele celor care au murit in atentatul italian asupra vietii lui Fascist Viceroy din anul 1936.

Spatiul special amenajat pentru inmormantarea eroilor nationali, aflat in fata catedralei, este rezervat exclusiv celor cu inalte distinctii militare si nationale. Pentru inmormantarea in acest loc special este nevoie de aprobarea Patriarhatului Etiopian.

Pana acum, doar ultimul patriarh, Abune Tekle Haimanot, generalul Ras Imiru Haile Selassie, conducator al rezistentei nationale in timpul ocupatiei italiene, tanara Sylvia Pankhurst si locotenentul general Merid Mengesha isi au mormintele in acest loc special.

In acest loc se afla si monumentul inchinat lui Abune Michael - monument lucrat de italieni (ramasitele pamantesti ale acestuia nu au fost niciodata recuperate).

La sud de Catedrala Trinity se afla un mausoleu inchinat martirilor nationali. In acesta se odihnesc trupurile a 60 de personalitati militare ale Guvernului imperial care au fost masacrate de catre Derg la data de 23 noiembrie 1974.

Vechea Biserica a Sfintei Treimi face parte integranta din complexul actualei catedrale, functionand inca pe post de biserica. Aceasta se numeste astazi "Biserica celor Patru Fapturi Ceresti" - referindu-se la simbolurile celor patru evanghelisti, adica: ingerul, vulturul, leul si taurul.


Acum in prag de toamna recomandarea tuturor doctorilor si specialistilor in nutritie este sa incepem sa ne pregatim organismul pentru eforturile de adaptare la temperaturile din ce in ce mai scazute.

Singura modalitate practica, eficienta si naturala este consumul de fructe si sucuri naturale, proaspete pentru a ne oferi vitaminele si uleiurile esentiale atat de necesare sistemului imunitar.

Si de unde pot veni cele mai bune produse pentru aceasta cura specifica toamnei daca nu DIRECT DE LA FERMA?

Cel putin aceasta pare a fi folosofia antreprenorului de success Daniel Guzu, proprietarul CRAMEI NATURA, un conglomerat de 150 de hectare de vie si 80 de hectare de livada, situat in inima Vrancei si in vestita patrie a vinurilor spumante- Panciu.

Produsele de la CRAMA NATURA sunt gata sa ne bucure viata si sa ne ofere sanatate.

Fructele minunate dar si dulceturile si gemurile zonei ca si vinurile spumante si linistite, produse de acesta, se pot regasii sub branduri celebre precum: ANA ARE, dar si pe site-ul de cumparaturi on-line: DIRECT DE LA FERMA.

Produsele din gama DIRECT DE LA FERMA au marele si rarul avantaj de a fi rezultatul nu doar al unui teren de exceptie, precum este cel vrancean, vestit pentru calitatea roadelor produse, dar au si meritul de a fi create de Daniel Guzu, special pentru a oferi sanatate si o dieta perfecta consumatorului.

Fara aditivi si adausi chimici, compuse doar din cele mai atent selectionate fructe, dupa retete naturale, produsele prezentate pe site-ul si sub imaginea DIRECT DE LA FERMA asigura consumatorului garantia prospetimii si naturaletii.

Sucurile pe baza de afine sunt cheia unei vieti sanatoase.

Ca un exemplu pentru miracolele santatii, continute in produsele de la DIRECT DE LA FERMA, este sucul ce contine celebrele afine.

Afinele, cultivate la Ţifeşti -Vrancea, aduc cu ele cunoscutele efectele benefice pentru organism precum: imbunătăţirea vederii, efectul antiulceros, efectul antidiabetic, tonifiant nervos şi de întărire a sistemului imunitar.

Consumi sucuri naturale si beneficiezi de tot ce natura a creat in intelepciunea ei pentru a ne mentine echilibru si a ne da longevitate, spune Daniel Guzu.

Dulceata de nuci verzi..un al produs marca DIRECT DE LA FERMA ce i-a incantat pe consumatori.

E fascinant cum natura ne oferă nu tot, ci mai mult decât avem nevoie, acesta este mottoul dupa care se conduce omul de afaceri ce a repus agricultura vranceana pe harta Romaniei.

”M-a preocupat dintotdeauna hrana sănătoasă, m-am întors astfel în satul în care m-am născut – Ţifeşti, din podgoria Panciu – cu gândul de a înfiinţa o plantaţie pentru mine şi familia mea. Am descoperit că mulţi oameni doresc să mănânce sănătos şi pasiunea mea a devenit mai mult decât un hobby.

DIRECT DE LA FERMA este sursa perfecta de produse ce impletesc armonios grija fata de consumator si sanatatea lui, cu minunatele roade ale Vrancei, ce sosesc, fara efort la usa dvs.

ANA ARE si mere, si pere, si cirese, dar are si dulceata, si sucuri, si otet din mere, toate facute cu pasiune la ferma din Ţifeşti.

Comanda dvs poate fi facuta direct de pe site: DIRECT DE LA FERMA

Vineri, 29 mai 2020

Branza Halloumi prajita

Branza halloumi, originara din Cipru, a devenit treptat populara si in alte tari datorita gustului aparte. Este o brânză de oaie – care conține și puțin lapte de capră și în mod excepțional poate conține și lapte de vacă – tare, dură, care se înmoaie convenabil atunci când este suficient de bine încălzită. Născută și ridicată la rang de brânză tradițională în Cipru, o poți regăsi și în Turcia, Liban, Israel și bineînțeles, în Grecia.

Este gustoasa numai prajita sau gatita la gratar.
Se pregătește simplu, punând-o pe grătarul încins, dar uns în prealabil cu o pensulă înmuiată în ulei și se lasă până observi că face o crustă, lucru care se întâmplă cam în unul-două minute.
Ca sugestie de prezentare o poți tăia în batoane groase și poți pune deasupra ei oregano sau busuioc, ori o stropești cu ulei de măsline peste care râșnești piper roșu, fulgi de chili, sare.

Iata o varianta la tigaie .
Ingrediente: 2 servings
200 gr de branza halloumi
2 linguri pudra de migdale
2 linguri seminte de susan
1 lingurita de condimente Yassa uscate (ceapa, usturoi, paprika, piper negru,  ghimbir, dafin, cimbru)
4 tablespoons oil

1 avocado
 crema  de otet balsamic