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Sun-dried tomatoes preserved in olive oil on a bed of basil

Sun-dried tomatoes preserved in olive oil on a bed of basil

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Wash the well-ripened tomatoes, cut them into thin slices and spread them on a sieve so that the slices do not overlap. Cover with gauze or a slightly thicker sieve (than the bottom one) to protect the tomatoes from insects. If the weather is nice outside and lots of sun, in 4 days we will get some great smelling and very tasty slices. We collect the tomatoes in a basket.

We wash and sterilize the jars with thread, we pass the fresh basil under running water, we prepare the olive oil at hand.

Put basil on the bottom of the jar, then ripe tomatoes and finally cover again with basil. Fill the jar with olive oil and screw the lid on. We label and put it in the pantry, where it can be stored for up to four months. After opening the jar, keep it in the fridge, mousse.

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