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Amy’s Kitchen To Open All-Vegetarian Drive-Thru

Amy’s Kitchen To Open All-Vegetarian Drive-Thru

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The vegetarian company is transitioning to the restaurant industry

Amy's Drive Thru is slated to open in California this July.

Amy’s Kitchen will be opening an all-vegetarian drive-thru in Rohnert Park, California, in July, according to the Huffington Post.

Best known for their vegetarian prepared entrées like rice flour macaroni and cheese and burritos, Amy’s Drive Thru will have a full non-meat menu with vegan and gluten-free options. Everything will be made on site.

The menu boasts reasonable drive-thru prices, with burritos costing $4.69, salads starting at $3.99, and a personal cheese pizza for $5.89. All ingredients will be non-GMO, and the offerings are peanut- and egg-free.

The first all-vegetarian fast food restaurant, which opened in Texas in June 2014, is called Earth Burger, so the concept is fairly new.

We have reached out to Amy’s Kitchen for comment and are waiting to hear back.

All-Vegetarian Amy’s Drive Thru Just Announced Plans for Expansion

Amy’s Kitchen has made a name for itself with delicious meat-free frozen meals, including my favorite easy-to-make vegan mac and cheese and some tasty tofu scramble breakfast burritos!

Two years ago, the company made headlines after opening an all-vegetarian drive-thru restaurant in Northern California. Well, the restaurant has been so successful that the company plans to expand nationwide!

Business has been so booming at Amy’s Drive Thru in its two years of operation that it’s beginning a chain. A new location is slated to take over an abandoned Denny’s further south off the 101 in Corte Madera in 2018, with an eye to five more Northern California locations soon to follow. The ultimate goal, director of operations Paul Schiefer tells Fast Company, is to open Amy’s Drive Thrus all across the country.

But this is just the beginning. While Amy’s Drive Thru is certainly the best known, it’s by no means the only vegan-friendly fast-food place.

In June, Globally Local, an all-vegan restaurant in Canada, opened a second location in Ontario with the world’s first-ever vegan 24-hour drive-thru. And in September, Plant Power Fast Food leased an old Burger King in Encinitas, California, transforming the former meat-promoting restaurant into a fully plant-based one!

Looking for delicious vegan fast-food options near you? Click here for some of our favorites.

Amy’s Kitchen Taking Fast Food Head-On With Vegetarian Drive-Thru In Rohnert Park

ROHNERT PARK (CBS SF) — Amy’s Kitchen is putting a healthy spin on fast food by opening a drive-thru in Rohnert Park that will serve all vegetarian fare.

The Petaluma-based frozen organic food maker’s new venture will take on the fast food empire head-on with meat-free burgers, and pizzas made from scratch.

“The heart of the Drive Thru menu is The Amy, a veggie burger the company developed over the course of over a thousand recipe taste tests,” Amy’s said in a press release.

95 percent of the menu will feature organic ingredients with an emphasis on local sources.

Competition for the location will be stiff. An In-N-Out Burger location sits just one block away from Amy’s drive thru.

The restaurant opens in July, and will serve lunch and dinner, with plans to eventually serve breakfast.

Amy's Kitchen Is Opening An All Vegetarian Drive-Thru

America is getting another all-vegetarian drive-thru next month. Amy's Kitchen, a company known for its vegetarian convenience food and frozen meals, will open its first restaurant in Rohnert Park, California, a city north of San Francisco.

Quick service and cheap prices won't mean fat-laden mystery meat when Amy's Drive Thru opens in July. The restaurant will offer meat-free burgers, burritos, macaroni and cheese, pizza, salad, and chili, as well as milkshakes and vegan non-dairy shakes. Each menu item can be ordered vegan or gluten-free, the company says, and every ingredient is non-GMO. More than 95 percent of the products are organic, and much of the ingredients will be locally sourced. On top of that, the menu is peanut- and egg-free for patrons with allergies.

Frozen-food brand Amy's Kitchen is getting into the fast-food game

Fans of Amy's Kitchen grocery line, listen up: You may be able to cruise through the drive-thru to grab the company's healthy eats one day soon.

Amy's Kitchen, well-known for its organic, vegetarian frozen meals and canned soups, opened its first drive-thru restaurant a couple of years ago — and the company has been "blown away" by the response, prompting Amy's to plan more locations, a spokesperson told TODAY Food.

America, it seems, is finally ready to embrace healthier fast food.

The first and only location of Amy's Drive Thru is in Rohnert Park, Calif., and the next location is planned for Corte Madera, Calif., but don't be discouraged: It sounds like Amy's long game plan is to bring its healthy to-go fare everywhere.

"Ultimately, we hope to have drive-thrus across the country, so that people everywhere can access family recipes, made-by-hand on their way into work, on their next road trip and after a big game," the spokesperson told TODAY Food.

The drive-thru serves a lot of greatest hits from the Amy's Kitchen line — many of which are indeed inspired by employees' family recipes.

Fast-food restaurants don't typically do vegetarian well: There's a lot of limp lettuce and sad, boring salads.

But Amy's menu looks much heartier and fresher: For lunch and dinner, there are organic (veggie) burgers, burritos, fries, chili, mac and cheese, pizza, soup, plus seasonal salads, coffee and milkshakes. At breakfast, there are tofu scrambles, burritos, bagels, oatmeal, parfaits — plus some less-healthy sounding treats, like hash browns and cinnamon rolls.

Everything is vegetarian, and gluten-free and vegan options are available. Many credit it as the first "meat-free fast-food restaurant."

So who is the Amy behind Amy's Kitchen, anyway? She's the daughter of founders Andy and Rachel Berliner, who started the company in the late 1980s after finding a lack of healthy prepared foods around the time Amy was born.

Since the company focuses on local farms and local producers, most of its frozen and canned foods are made in kitchens throughout California, Oregon and Idaho. We should expect California to be the focus of growth in the short term, with more national ambitions in the future, the company added.

"The goal for Amy's Drive Thru," a spokesperson said, "is to make sure everyone that walks through the door, or drives up to the window, gets a great meal suited to their needs."

Don't live in northern California? Here are some of the Amy's Drive-Thru menu items that you can get on your own in the meantime:

Amy's Organic Chunk Tomato Bisque, $3.35, Jet

Amy's Organic Lentil Vegetable Soup, $3.57, Jet

Amy's Organic Low-Fat Medium Black Bean Chili, $3.53, Jet

Amy's Kitchen Is Opening An All Vegetarian Drive-Thru

America is getting another all-vegetarian drive-thru next month. Amy's Kitchen, a company known for its vegetarian convenience food and frozen meals, will open its first restaurant in Rohnert Park, California, a city north of San Francisco.

Quick service and cheap prices won't mean fat-laden mystery meat when Amy's Drive Thru opens in July. The restaurant will offer meat-free burgers, burritos, macaroni and cheese, pizza, salad, and chili, as well as milkshakes and vegan non-dairy shakes. Each menu item can be ordered vegan or gluten-free, the company says, and every ingredient is non-GMO. More than 95 percent of the products are organic, and much of the ingredients will be locally sourced. On top of that, the menu is peanut- and egg-free for patrons with allergies.

Though Amy's says everything will be made onsite, the drive thru's prices are slated to remain competitive. A single patty burger, for example, will cost $2.99. A standard burrito will be priced at $4.69 (nudge, nudge, Chipotle) and a personal cheese pizza will go for $5.89. Salads with in-season produce will start as low as $3.99.

Amy's Drive Thru will differentiate itself in infrastructure, too. The restaurant's tables are made from retired auto brake drums, its wood is culled from off-cuts or upcycled from discarded pieces, and tableware will be made out of recyclable, non-GMO materials, collected on site for recycling. Even the takeout bags and boxes are printed with non-GMO ink.

This development is a win for vegetarians and animal lovers. The number of vegetarian diets in America has more than doubled in the past five years 16 million people in the U.S. are now vegetarian or vegan. Amy's Drive Thru, which follows trailblazing meat-free fast food outlets like Evolution in San Diego, is part of a vegetarian trend on the rise. Vegetarian and vegan options are increasingly appearing on restaurant menus and more Americans are including meat-free meals in their diets than ever before.

The move is also a step in the right direction for the planet. As Ezra Klein writes in Vox, there's an enormous environmental case for eating vegetarian because animal-free products generally require

Amy’s Drive Thru—New All Vegetarian Fast Food Restaurant!

The moment is finally here. Vegetarians and vegans can now pull up to a drive-thru window, order anything on the menu, and grab a bag stuffed with fast food to devour right in the car. Cheeseburgers, shakes, fries, pizza, salads, mac ‘n’ cheese, and more—Amy’s Drive Thru has all the fast food basics that vegans have had to pass on until now.

Opened in July 2015 in Northern California by the founders of the popular vegetarian convenience food company Amy’s Kitchen, this drive thru is revolutionizing fast food. It was built from the ground up with sustainability in mind, and the food is made using the highest quality, primarily organic, non-gmo ingredients. It’s no wonder that from the moment they opened their doors they’ve been packed, and they already have plans to expand. The food is delicious (our favorite is the double cheese burger), and everything on their 100% vegetarian menu can be made vegan—complete with vegan cheese on the pizza and burgers and coconut ice cream in the shakes.

In this video Michelle Cehn and Toni Okamoto give you the full virtual experience. But we hope you can visit in person! You can find Amy’s Drive Thru at 58 Golf Course Drive West in Rohnert Park, California—close to Sonoma wine country and just an hour and a half from San Francisco. We recommend coming hungry with friends and ordering everything on the menu. You won’t be disappointed.

Amy’s Kitchen opens fast-veggie drive-through in Rohnert Park

Mega-successful in vegetarian prepared meals, Amy’s Kitchen wants to turn the tables on fast food with a drive-through restaurant that opened Monday in Rohnert Park.

Located at 58 Golf Course Dr. W., just off Highway 101, down the block from an In-N-Out Burger restaurant and on the road to Graton Casino, Amy’s Drive Thru offers vegetarian, non-GMO, organic menu items priced under $10. It’s an expansion of the frozen line of Amy’s meals and has been two years in the making.

“People have been asking us to do this for years - to create a place where they can go when they’re too busy to cook, but want something good for themselves or their family,” said Amy’s Kitchen co-founder Rachel Berliner. “We’re not restaurateurs, but we love to cook for people, so we decided to make it happen.”

The menu was created by the chefs at Amy’s Kitchen specifically for the drive-through. Food is cooked from scratch, including pizza, pasta, tortillas, pasta for the mac and cheese, tofu in the Super Salad, vegetarian burgers and buns. Everything has a vegan option and can be made gluten-free via the dedicated gluten-free grill, oven and utensils.

At the heart of the menu is The Amy, at $4.29, a veggie burger the company developed over the course of more than 1,000 recipe taste tests. The burger comes in a single or double with a house-made bun, “secret sauce,” locally brined pickles, and tomatoes. Add fries for $2.49. Chefs tasted more than a dozen potato varieties from different growing regions before they found the winner.

The restaurant’s team also worked with local purveyors to source ingredients that are unique to the restaurant, including coffee from Coast Roast, sour cream from Clover Stornetta Farms and chocolate milk from Organic Valley.

“Our relationships with farmers and our knowledge of how to make delicious food on a large scale has really made this project possible,” said Amy’s co-founder Andy Berliner. “We’ve been able to keep the quality high and the prices reasonable.”

The 4,000-square-foot restaurant has a number of sustainability features. It’s topped with a “living roof” planted with drought-tolerant and native plants. A reclaimed-water system irrigates the roof and landscaping around the structure.

Water runoff is directed into onsite swales, where water percolates to help recharge the aquifer. The building also has a 50-plus-panel solar array.

The old barn that originally stood on the drive-through site was dissembled, and the wood was “upcycled” in the redesign of the Amy’s Kitchen plant in Pocatello, Idaho.

The restaurant interior was designed with over 95 percent repurposed or salvaged wood, and any new wood that was used was Forest Stewardship Council–certified. Tables are made of retired auto brake drums sourced from shops along Highway 101. There is seating for about 140.

The restaurant is open daily 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. There are plans to add breakfast to the menu after the first few months of operation.

The Berliners started Amy’s Kitchen, named for their daughter, with a frozen pot pie in 1987. The Petaluma-based company now employs nearly 1,600 people and sells about 140 vegetarian products, as well as Kosher, gluten-free and other special diet products. In.2012 they reported gross sales of more than $300 million.

Amy's Kitchen Is Opening An All Vegetarian Drive-Thru

For some reason, I read "Amy's Kitchen" and thought of that awful restaurant on Kitchen Nightmares. Thank god it's not.

That was my first thought too. You are not alone.

Immediately thought it was Amy's Baking Company. :P

Same here, but then I saw the top comment was "FUUUUUUUUUCKIING SUHWEEEEEET".

Road Trip to Rohnert Park in July, it's actually feasible for me to go there woot!

Just look for a Hooters and a casino. It will be right between them. lol

My friend and I live in SoCal. and we are definitely making the trip up there in July. THOSE PRICES THO

If any of you find yourselves in San Antonio, check out our local veg drive thru, Earth Burger! Thankfully this seems to be a growing trend!

When I was a wee veg-let, the only vegetarian restaurant I could find in San Antonio was Green, and it was SO far from my part of town. Now that I've left, every time I visit my parents, they've found a new place to try. It's great!

couldn't care less about the non gmo aspect but this is so awesome, I hope they do well and open some around the country.

I know. I don't like how being vegetarianism is tied into organic and non gmo. I am not really a supporter of those things.

If this does well, I sure hope they bring it to Portland

I'm looking forward to the menu to see how much is vegan. My family will be in that area in July and Iɽ love to go if we can.

As somebody who is slowly transitioning to a vegetarian diet, one of the hardest things for me has been to find food on the go. I spend a fair amount of time driving, and sometimes I just need to pick up a quick lunch. It would be great if vegetarian drive-thrus started gaining popularity.

Also, when I first saw this post, I thought it was referring to Amy's Baking Company.

A Vegetarian Drive-Thru is Opening in California and We’re Pumped About It

Vegetarians, rejoice. Amy’s Kitchen, a company that prepares vegetarian frozen meals and convenience food, is opening an all-vegetarian drive-thru restaurant in California next month.

Photo courtesy of

The drive-thru will serve meat-free burgers, burritos, pizza, salad, plus milkshakes and vegan shakes. Menu items can be ordered vegan or gluten-free, and every ingredient is non-GMO. Hell yeah.

And it gets better. Over 95% of the products will be organic and most will be locally sourced. Plus the menu is peanut-free and egg-free. And everything will be prepared onsite, too. Hell yeah times a million.

Photo courtesy of

Don’t fear, the quality products and ingredients will not increase the menu item prices. For example, a single patty burger will cost $2.99, a basic burrito will cost $4.69, and salads made with seasonal produce will cost as little as $3.99.

Also, Amy’s Drive-Thru also plans to build a “living roof” covered with drought-tolerant plants, which has the potential to reduce a building’s energy needs. And the building will use an on-site water tower to collect rain to water the roof, and use a reclaimed water system for irrigation purposes. Why can’t all fast food restaurants be like you, Amy’s?

Photo courtesy of

Amy’s Kitchen aims to lead the fast food industry into a delicious, organic, non-GMO, sustainable future, and gives us all hope for the future of the fast food industry. Thank you, Amy’s Kitchen. Thank you.

Now THAT’S more like it!

The timing couldn’t be more perfect as a growing interest in healthier fare along with plant-based eating has started to take the globe by storm. Places like Chipotle, who also pledged to go GMO-free, are becoming more mindful of where they get their ingredients and offering more plant-based options. Even Taco Bell and Pizza Hut have chosen to stop using artificial ingredients in their mix while coffee aficionados have been rejoicing over the addition of more plant-based milk options from the likes of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. Heck, you can even get vegan mayo at 7-Eleven nowadays!

It seems that now’s the time for affordable (burgers will cost $2.99 –doubles will be $4.29 – while cheese pizzas will go for $5.89, burritos for $4.69 and salads from $3.99 to $7.99) and convenient food that not only supports our growing demand for healthier fare, but that also supports the planet. Did we mention that the building is full of reclaimed and recycled materials and will boast a living grass roof that will be nurtured by rainwater in addition to the far more sustainable fare you can eat there?

Watch the video: Amys Drive Thru: New Vegetarian Fast Food Restaurant!